Best cooking utensils for healthy cooking

Best cooking utensils for healthy cooking

Have you ever been in a situation when you are making lifestyle and healthier diet choices? Highest probability is that you will start by questioning the equipment you use for cooking. Questions like, are you using the scratched, non-stick or even toxic old sets of pans? Or even are you using storage containers made of plastic or plastic utensils? You will then decide on making some upgrades and while making the upgrade you will consider going for healthier kitchen utensils.

Some of the healthier utensils to use while cooking include:

Enamelled Cast Iron

Unlike the old and normal cooking pieces, this type of material is quite expensive but very healthy to cook with. Additionally, these are the kind of pieces which never break but rather last forever. It’s a good investment to make and you will pass the ware to even grandchildren. The enamelled cast iron cooking ware is available as non-stick and non-toxic. This ware can be used to cook whether in ovens or on stove tops safely and healthier.

Best cooking utensils for healthy cooking

Traditional Skillet Cast Iron

A quite affordable option when the enamelled iron becomes expensive. This option however does not have multiple choices of colour to make from but rather few options and also requires special care and handling. The type of cookware should not be used when cooking acid foods such as tomato sauce as well must be seasoned properly to keep the quality of non-stick ware. Unlike other wares, you need not wash it in dishwashers but rather requires you to get a stiff brush with water to make the cookware clean. Traditional skillet cast iron utensils not only last forever but as well gives every meal cooked in it plus iron dose.

Non-aluminium bakeware

Best cooking utensils for healthy cookingIt is quite impossible to avoid exposure to aluminium but the best way to go about it is reducing any extra exposure or even reduce unnecessary exposure. For this traditional bakeware it contains aluminium which is known to conduct heat quite well although you can get the same ware non-toxic options. The non-aluminium bakeware are made of glass which are used for baking. They are not toxic and offers healthier meals just like cast iron kitchenware.

Cooking utensils made of wooden

When upgrading your utensils used for cooking it is advisable to purchase utensils that interact with the chosen cookware. Some of the utensils to avoid include plastic utensils as they can flake or melt into the hot pans probably can add toxic to the meal. To avoid such, for healthier cooking use wooden utensils and also the utensils will not be able to leach chemicals or scratch the cooking utensils leaking into the food. The cooking utensils made of wooden come is different sizes and shapes which fit various needs.

Storage containers made of glass

After preparing the healthy food in healthy cooking utensils it is very important to consider where you store the food. Glass has been the best of material to go for when choosing the storage containers to use. Although most glass containers do not come with lids, do not use plastics to seal the tops.